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Born in 1962 in Winterthur, where I grew up. After primary and secondary school, I completed an apprenticeship as a shorthand typist at the Sulzer company. After my apprenticeship, I first went to England for 3 months to improve my knowledge of English. Afterwards I found a job as a shop assistant in a press- and souvenir shop at Zurich Airport. Actually, this was only intended as a temporary solution until I had found a job in my profession. This turned out to be 6 years, because I really liked the international atmosphere at the airport and the opportunity to use my foreign language skills on a daily basis.

In the meantime, I had met my future husband from Bolivia. At the same time, I also experienced a new language and culture. I took a Spanish course. Soon after, we travelled together to Bolivia, where we got married and then travelled around the country. After our stay in Bolivia, we returned to Switzerland with the children. So, I gained my first experience in teaching and translating. After 10 years as a mother, teacher and translator, I wanted to reorient myself professionally. Soon after, I got a job in a lawyer’s office, where I was able to demonstrate my foreign language skills on a daily basis. Later I worked in different book shops and completed various language training courses.


Theresa's Sprachschule


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In 2010 I founded my own writing and translation service and also taught German, English and Spanish. In 2014 I did an education as a language teacher, which was followed by various further training courses. In 2020, I decided to rename my company in “Theresa’s Sprachschule” and focus on teaching. Of course, I will continue to provide you with the previous services such as translations and proofreading.

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